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As stated on the home page it was a small camp this year but again a great time was had by all who attended. We covered all the kata that each grade needed to know, we went through Bo and Sai kata. Sparring skills were honed (...lol) and tested when the members of the local Dojo arrived for an early morning workout with us.

Demis, (the local instructor), Sam his brother, both shodan and their students, Chris and his son came for sparring practice. Unfortunately Chris is the local policeman and had to rush off for an emergency before starting so it left his son and Demis and Sam. The latter two are training nearly every day and showed the benefits of that in their style of sparring. It was a good change for many of us who do not have many students to spar with and are not familiar with other styles.

Most of us got through without too many problems with the exception of Raymond (The Terror) Tainui, even though the smallest amongst us he certainly wasn't the least. He singled handedly bloodied the noses of all our guests even the local bobby's son which we thought may affect his departure the next day. Even with those minor setbacks we had a fun time and we all went to dinner that night at one of the local bars. Next year Chris has the camp weekend off from his duties to come and extract revenge on Raymond.

Technique, Technique and Technique, three very important things to remember, from being relaxed, tensing your muscles at the right time, weight distribution, stances and how to generate power properly.These and many other things we worked on during the weekend hopefully with the added bonus of improving our kata and our sparring.

Over all it was a great weekend and we really appreciate the input from Frazer and Dave. Important thanks must go to Frazer and Jeff for their continued presence at these camps especially coming over from Sydney every year, cheers

Come on and book in next year, 8-10 April 2011 you will probably have a better time than watching the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup { :-( } following. Also as stated on the home page we are hoping to have guests from the States if that pans out then it should be an (O for) awesome time for all.

So keep tabs on this site and we'll keep you informed and train hard as though your grading depends on it.







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